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Let us help you with your shipping to Malaysia

What you're shipping to Malaysia no longer determines the complexity of this method of transportation: it's just as easy to arrange shipping to Malaysia for an important document as it is to arrange shipping a consignment of fifty sofas, or an entire office move-as long as you have the help of a reputable and reliable shipping firm.

Over the years, Excess Baggage Company has become one of Europe's most successful international shipping firms. We now specialise in transporting excess luggage, packages, home contents and entire offices, both nationally and internationally. Our professional, reliable shipping to Malaysia service offers a stress-free solution if you need to transport items to this wonderful country.

By using our shipping to Malaysia service, you can be sure of a quick and simple way of transporting your belongings to where they need to go. Our helpful and professional staff can pick up your items and ship them to their destination-wherever that may be on the globe and whenever you would like them to be delivered.

Booking our shipping to Malaysia service in advance will ensure that your items can get to their destination without fuss or bother. But while finding out that you're over the weight limit when you reach the airport check-in desk is no fun at all, even if this does happen, we have collection points at many airports that you can use to save yourself the cost of checking your overweight bags onto the plane with you.

And if you're moving to Malaysia, Excess Baggage Company offers a stress-free solution to all of your shipping to Malaysia needs. We can deliver all of your possessions safely to their new home, ensuring that they are monitored throughout their progress, from pick-up through to delivery.

We can claim with confidence that shipping to Malaysia with Excess Baggage Company really is the easiest solution to all of your shipping needs-whether you're transporting a single bag, or the complete contents of your home.

Shipping to Malaysia - Quote Me or for more information or advice on Shipping to Malaysia, please feel free to contact our dedicated Shipping to Malaysia team on 0800 5244 822, +44 (0)20 8324 2066.

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