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Baggage Experts: At Airports, Rail Stations & from Home

Excess Baggage Company provides Left Luggage / Baggage Storage, Secure & Hygienic Bag Wrap and Baggage Shipping services from our stores at London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted Airports. Our convenient and reliable baggage services from more than 70 Airport and Rail station stores worldwide. All of our outlets are open early until late for your convenience.

We also provide Door-to-Door International Baggage Delivery from your residence. Get a quick quote now for affordable luggage delivery to any destination worldwide. We'll collect from your doorstep and deliver direct to your final destination. We offer affordable international baggage delivery services by Courier, Air Freight, Sea Freight and Road Courier so you can send your unaccompanied baggage ahead for a hassle-free journey to from / the airport.

You can pre-book our services online, or you can simply turn up in-store on the day and speak to a member of our team.

  • Door to Door Baggage
    Delivery From Residence

    We can send your belongings anywhere worldwide for a competitive price  with collection from your residence.

    Baggage Shipping from Home
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  • In-Store International
    Baggage Shipping

    Luggage Overweight? Send your bags anywhere worldwide with our international baggage delivery service. Book in-store at any of our locations.

    In-Store Shipping
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  • London Luggage
    Transfer / Delivery

    Let us deliver your luggage to / from Heathrow Airport We can transfer your luggage to your Hotel, Office or Residence. You can also collect from one of our central London Rail Station locations. Book online or in-store.

    London Luggage Transfer
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  • Secure & Hygienic
    Bag Wrap

    Our tough tamperproof plastic deters against pilfering, guards against dampness and also protects your luggage from physical damage.

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    Bag Wrap location
  • Left Luggage /
    Baggage Storage

    Whether you need to leave your baggage with us for just a couple of hours, a few days or even weeks / months our Left Luggage facilities are here for your convenience. Pay online in advance or 'on the day' by droping-off in-store (payment will be taken when you collect).

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  • In-Store
    Parcel Delivery

    If you have a smaller parcel or document to send our in-store Parcel Delivery service could provide the convenient booking and drop-off service you need. We only partner with reputable, leading international couriers.

    Find your closest
    Parcel Delivery Drop-off point
  • Non-Permitted
    Item Return Service

    Available from London Stansted & Manchester Airports. With our return service you can collect your items on your return to the airport or choose to have your items delivered to your home or office address.

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  • Multi-brand Luggage &
    Travel Accessories Shop

    Featuring fresh, new iconic styles.
    Our staff will be able to help you find the right luggage for your requirements. We stock a wide array of leading international luggage brands in-store.

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    Multi-brand Luggage Shop
  • Lost Property &
    Item Return Service

    We provide lost property services for many mainline UK rail stations as well as London Gatwick, London Stansted and Manchester Airports.
    Lost an Item? Please complete the Lost Item Enquiry form by clicking the button below.

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