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London Luggage Transfer
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Don't let your luggage dictate your travel plans or itinerary - Your London Luggage Transfer Service

We offer convenient, reliable and competitively priced London luggage transfers via our service to ensure your bags don’t dictate your itinerary. This useful service is available to people flying into or departing from London Heathrow Airport.

Pre-book your luggage transfer in advance online or book in-store to benefit from total convenience when you’re on the move. We will deliver your bags where you need them the same day, saving you hours and making your journey easier and less stressful.

For maximum convenience, we provide collection and drop-off points in all London Heathrow Airport terminals - and we can arrange to have your bags transferred to or from your hotel, office or city centre rail stations. The choice is yours.

To use our service, simply select your preferred collection point and destination, specify the number and type of bags you would like us to transfer and provide a time and date that will fit in with your schedule. You also have the option of booking a return transfer for the next leg of your journey.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, having to carry your bags around can seriously cramp your style and add to your stress levels. Our London luggage transfers are easy to arrange and offer great value for money, and they will help you to experience more of the capital. Leave the heavy lifting to us and book via our London Luggage Transfer service - today.

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