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Secure Bag Wrap

For a stress-free trip from start to finish, why not take advantage of our baggage wrapping service? Using high quality, commercial strength plastic film, we can securely seal your luggage to ensure it’s protected against potential physical damage during transit.

Our wrap is ultra-resistant, meaning you can trust that your bags will be protected from scuffs, scratches and rips, keeping your cases looking pristine for longer. The wrap provides a protective layer against adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow and humid temperatures, helping your luggage to stay dry and clean throughout its journey.

The wrapping we use is tamper-proof too, making it effective at deterring thieves from interfering with your belongings and giving you added peace of mind that your luggage will be safe until you are reunited with it. Using our Bag Wrap can also reduce the risk of illicit behaviour involving unauthorised items being inserted into your case without your knowledge.

  • BagWrap.Com is the leading UK & European supplier of Luggage Wrapping services
  • Our special non-heat mechanised process protects your luggage against damage in transit whilst deterring pilferage
  • Find us at over 40 UK Airport locations
  • Outlets in all terminals at both London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, London Luton & Manchester Airports
  • Also at Budapest, Dublin and Geneva Airports


  • Convenient Solution
  • Deter Thieves / Undesiderables
  • Protects Your Luggage
  • Onward Journey Baggage Liability Protection
  • Ensures Peace of Mind

Seal & Secure your belongings

  • Commercial Strength Plastic Film
  • Proven Theft Deterrent
  • Tamper Resistant / Evident
  • Where tampering does occur is Immediately Visible
  • Stretches to protect any size or surface of luggage
Our locations

We can wrap suitcases of any size, as well as a host of other items you may need to transport, including children’s strollers, golf clubs, skis and sports equipment. Our wrap can be stretched to encase your belongings and hold them tightly together, preventing them from becoming lost during transit. It can even help stop overloaded bags from bursting open.

Also, our brightly coloured wrap is hard to miss, making it easier for you to identify your items on the luggage carousel at your destination.

Our baggage wrapping services are available at all major London airports, as well as Dublin Airport and several European airports, including Geneva and Budapest. To find your nearest bag wrap outlet, simply use our location search tool.

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