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Airport Security - Confiscated Items Return Service

There are certain items you can and cannot take onboard an aircraft and it can be quite easy to get caught out, when your attention is focussed on your important business trip or well-deserved holiday, meaning that you may have to surrender some of your non-permitted or restricted items before being allowed to proceed through Airport Security.

If you are travelling through London Stansted or Manchester Airport we can help. Instead of surrendering your belongings completely and being forced to discard them for good, through our Post & Fly service you have the opportunity to be reunited with your non-permitted and restricted items which cannot be taken through security airside.

With our service passengers can choose to collect their item on return or have their item delivered to the UK or Europe. If you have prohibited or restricted item at Manchester or London Stansted, security staff will place your item safely into a bag and deposit it in the Post & Fly confiscated item bin provided. You’ll be given a ticket with a reference number. Your item will then be collected and logged by a member of our staff later that day. Once the item has been logged you can choose your menthod of return by visiting and entering your ticket reference number online.

Once you have deposited your item, you have 30 days to retrieve it. You can choose to have your item delivered to an address in the UK or Europe, or you can collect the item upon your return to the airport.

Confiscated Items Steps

To have your belongings delivered to an address of your choice, you’ll need to use your reference number to book you delivery online. Once booked, your item will be collected within approximately 2 business days. If it’s being sent to a UK address, you can expect it to be delivered within 2 business days, while European deliveries can take between 3 and 5 business days.

Alternatively, you can arrange to collect your belongings upon your return to Manchester or Stansted Airport. We’ll keep your item safe at our Left Luggage outlet until you’re ready to pick it up. Please note that items not booked for collection or delivery within 30 days of being logged will be disposed off. Some items not suitable for delivery by courier will only be availbale for collection. Where goods are not suitable for delivery this is because they have been classified as 'Dangerous' according to intenational transport (ADR & IATA) regulations. Please note the Dangerous / Non-Dangerous classification is determined by the relevant governmental bodies and not within our control. All return services provided are chargeable.

To find out more about how we can return confiscated property to you, or to arrange the delivery or collection of your items, simply click on the link below.

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