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When you have a flight to board or a train to catch, we appreciate that you may not always have enough time to stop and peruse our range of luggage and travel accessories in-store. So, to make your life easier, why not take advantage of our shop & collect service?

With this service, you can shop online at your leisure ahead of your journey, taking your time to browse through our complete collection of high quality suitcases to find exactly what you need. Once you’ve decided, you can place your order online to reserve your items and then collect them at one of our conveniently located outlets. You can find our shop outlets at a number of airports and rail stations across the UK, making it easy for you to place your order and pick it up at a store near you. It’s that simple.

We stock a wide selection of luggage pieces at each of our outlets, including cabin and check-in sized bags, as well as holdalls, backpacks, handbags and bags suitable for children. You can also browse through our selection of travel accessories, from plug adapters and phone chargers to earphones and neck pillows. To view our full catalogue of products, you can also use our in-store touch screens.

From our in-store locations, we can arrange to ship your order to an address of your choice, meaning you can do a spot of shopping without having to take your items away with you on the day.

To view our products, simply click on the link below.

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