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Avoid being caught out at the check-in desk thanks to our baggage weighing scales. For just £1, you can use our scales to weigh your luggage before joining the queue, saving you time and helping you to avoid paying any unwanted excess baggage charges.

Located within a number of major airports across the UK and Europe, you can use our luggage scale service to weigh your cases before you catch your flight. You can also find our services at various airport locations across the UK and Europe, meaning you don’t need to wait until you are the front of the check-in queue to find out the weight of your bags.

Using our luggage scales is quick and easy. Simply place one bag at a time onto the scale. You will then be able to refer to the display screen to view how much your case weighs, helping you to determine if you have exceeded the baggage weight limit set by your airline. All of our luggage weighing scales have been designed in line with strict airline regulations, so you can trust that the reading displayed is completely accurate.

Weighing your bags can give you added peace of mind, as well as ensuring that your journey runs smoothly from start to finish. So, whether you’re worried your cabin bag is too heavy or your hold suitcase is over the limit, you can use our baggage weighing scales to help you get organised and feel in control before you head to the check-in desk or through airport security.

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